Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Tips Guide for Strategies, Cheats and Walk-Thrus

New Gamer Guide Reveals Killer Secrets For Mastering Black Ops II

The new digital publishing house, Silver Bullet Books, is releasing its latest book, The Call of Duty Black Ops II Ultimate Guide: Killer Tips and Strategies To Master The Game, to the relief of many Call of Duty fans wanting to improve their tactics.  As a holiday promotion, Silver Bullet is offering this gamer guide for free through Christmas Day.

(New York City, New York USA), December 22 2012 – Ryan Romero’s first book has been long anticipated by those who know him well.  As a long time enthusiast of the Call of Duty series, a master in his own right, Romero has been searching for the right opportunity to publish his secrets for the masses.  Approached by friend and president of Silver Bullet Books, Romero got to work immediately after the release of the extremely popular Black Ops II.  His work, now published by big time retailers like Amazon, will be given to fans for free until Christmas Day as a way to thank all of the franchise’s fans who have made Call of Duty the mega-hit it is.


Romero admits that he is not the world’s best player, but his enthusiasm for the game and the commitment he has to learning every trick and tactic makes him the perfect author for a gamer guide.


“I’m not so cocky as to not want to share my tricks with other players, but I’m definitely not a newbie when it comes to playing.  I can teach almost everyone something new,” says Romero whose book offers insight that other game guides, many of which are published before the actual release of the game just to get a head start on marketing, cannot. 


Players of all skill levels, those just starting out and those who have been playing since Call of Duty’s inception, will enjoy this thorough guide.  Make sure to pick up your copy on Amazon while it’s free, December 22nd through Christmas Day.

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