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New Guide Reveals The Limitless Possibilities of The Evernote App

The small publishing company, Silver Bullet Books, has just released their new book, The Essential Guide To Improving Your Life With Evernote, on Amazon this past weekend.  A short guide meant to inform readers of the basics for using the popular free app, Evernote, this book is packed with ideas for creative uses of the app, allowing you to customize its functions to fit your unique needs.

The Evernote app isn’t new, at least in technology world time.  But it wasn’t until recently that the masses began to realize that it could be used as an organizational tool for every aspect of day-to-day life.  Meant to act as an extension of the brain, Evernote allows the user to keep track of notes, thoughts, photos, documents, files, and more.

Relatively intuitive to use, the problem with Evernote is because it is so functional, it can be overwhelming to a new user who is unsure exactly what they should be using it for. 

This is the problem Silver Bullet is hoping to solve.

The Essential Guide To Improving Your Life With Evernote is an informative guide, providing the reader with examples of how the app can be used to streamline life, organize business, and just help accomplish little tasks that pop up every day.  Additionally, Silver Bullet’s book gives a quick “how-to” overview, which is great for those people who are savvy enough to know about the app, but not completely confident with how it all works.

Overall, the book is helpful for getting a better grasp of how to use the popular free app.  Short and sweet, the reader will be pleased that with just minimal learning time, they will be ready to personalize Evernote to meet all of their life’s needs.

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